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  • Dynasty Services Worldwide is a full ground  Metro Car transportation company that offers complete corporate and personal service. To satisfy our most demanding clients we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with professional office staff ready to assist you.  We  take pride in delivering safe, courteous, and dependable metro car service that consistently exceeds customer expecations.  Theres no wonder why we are considered to "The Royalty of Transportation."

    Here at Dynasty Services Worldwide, we want to take the stress out of you driving, and provide you with a safe, complete ground transportation for all of your needs rather business or personal. Whether you are planning to go from one specific location to another, business meetings, or u simply need one of our luxury sedans and professional chauffeurs over an extended period of time, Dynasty Services Worldwide will take the extra care in accomodating you!!!

    Since 1971,Dynasty Services  has been offering professional courier services in Southeastern Michigan that our customers can always count on. area residents, businesses and health organizations have enjoyed our dependable medical delevery service and pharmaceutal delevery service In addition to these services, we also offer routed delevery service, that ensure all deliveries are made efficiently.
    We exceed our customer’s expectations every day and do so by equipping delivery personnel with the latest communication tools. We use radios, two-way communication, online order entry and online order tracking. The use of these tools ensures that deliveries are made efficiently and that our customers are always aware of the progress of their package.

  • Let our fast and friendly uniformed staff put the extra class in your event. Dynasty will provide valet attendants as well as an on site manager to assist you with your event . We pride ourselves on getting the job done correctly the first time. Let Dynasty take the stress out of parking so you can enjoy your night.

  • Your Vehicle... Our Chaueffur
  • Professional Chauffeurs

    Est. in 1989, Dynasty Services provides fully insured and certified private chauffeurs who drive for you in YOUR car. Whether you're planning a day of meetings or a night on the town, experience the most enjoyable and relaxing way to spend time on the road.


    • Executive time management  Meetings, events & conventions      
    • Chauffeurs for personal or rental cars  
    • Personal appointments and social occasions       
    • Driving limitations                
    • Chauffeur acement (full or part time)        
    • Many unique ways to use chauffeurs
    • Value - Save 30 - 40 % over black car service
    • Professional Drivers - Fully-insured, 5 point certification, team includes chauffeurs with law enforcement  experience              

     Services for

    • Corporations, small businesses, executives
    • Meeting & event planners, conferences
    • Advertising, marketing, PR agencies, IR fimrs
    • Travel arrangers, travel agents
    • Government agencies, executives
    • Automakers & auto dealers
    • Associations, non-profits
    • Seniors

    Cost Savings - Fixed hourly rate, pay for the driver only when you need one.  Save up to 30 - 40% over a car and driver service.

    Worry-free - Enjoy the time you spend in your personal car without worrying about directions, traffic or schedules.

    Productivity - Time is money.  Get more done on the road.

    Safety - Reduces "distracted driving" stemming from mobile devices and juggling too much in the car. We also help clients overcome driving limitations due to age or medical care, taking special care to ensure seniors and young drivers arrive safely.

    Liability Protection - We provide $1 million workers compensation insurance, $5 million commercial general liability insurance and $2 million excess auto liability insurance.

    Flexibility - Chauffeurs are available on an ad-hoc, part-time or full-time basis.  Request a different chauffeur at any time without paying unemployment or terminating a chauffeur. Chauffeurs are employed by Dynasty Services and we handle all personnel issues.


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